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MOTHERGUNSHIP is now available on Steam, offering a bullet hell first-person shooter where you can design your own guns (thanks The Escapist). You can get a sense of what this involves in the...
Steam now offers open beta testing of Tango 5 Reloaded, a free-to-play multiplayer action/tactics game for Windows from Nexon. This recent open-beta trailer offers a look at the game, as does the...
Milestone offers a new trailer from Ride 3 celebrates 2018 World Ducati Week with a look at motorcycles from the famed Italian company. The clip comes with the following explanation: After announcing...
Flash Game Sale - The Biggest Deals Of The Year - Fanatical. Steam Daily Deal - Dragon Cliff, 25% Off. GOG.com Weekend Sale: Odd's favorite oddities, up to 75% off
No Man’s Sky developer Sean Murray: ‘It was as bad as things can get.’ Thanks RedEye9.
Learn how to pick the best PC monitor, whether your focus is gaming, professional or general use.
The Razer Blade 15 impresses with its looks and built quality, but its expensive and runs hot.
Kingston's A1000 entry-level NVMe SSD is slow enough to fit in that category, but the price is higher than it should be.
The newest Corsair 240 AIO focuses on performance, and a formal dress code.
With so many of the gaming headsets we review landing in the $100 range (and serving up impressive performance), what could possibly justify the $250 price tag that SteelSeries pins on its Arctis Pro + GameDAC?

We are back!

Daris didn't pay the bill and our site was offline a few months.  Shows you how often I make updates......

[TW] Daris This isn't true, just FYI. I have paid for the domain name since 2001 or so. The host wasn't paid for but I da...

Crowfall - Info Drop

[TW] Maalox ao posted Mar 16, 17  -  crow fall

I just realized that this is the first update in 2 years, haha!  Anyway, we're still alive, just waiting on the next MMORPG game that doesn't suck. Crowfall's skill and crafting system seems to have lots of potential, I like the idea it somewhat being based on the old Star Wars Galaxies system.  Hopefully the gameplay and combat system run smoothly. I also like the concept of the Crow and the vessels.

Be sure to post in the forums if you're in the early release / alpha.

The MMO Genre just hasn't been what it used to be lately. Themepark games have taken over the industry, and many games have lost the sense of community that once made games great. With the upcoming releases of Crowfall, EQNext, Albion Online and The Repopulation, it looks as though developers have finally taken notice that sandbox elements are missing from todays online gaming experience. Sandbox games give you more freedom to create your own adventures and content. Rather than following a set path of quests that everyone else has to go through. It's an element that has made a game like Eve Online a huge success despite having a pretty shitty combat system.

Steam VR (HTC Vive)

[TW] Maalox ao posted Mar 26, 15  -  htc vivesteam vrvr gaming

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